Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is VIVITA?

    VIVITA is an international children and youth creativity accelerator that currently operates in eight countries – Estonia, Lithuania, Japan, Singapore, South-Korea, Philippines, USA and – New Zealand.

  2. What is VIVISTOP?

    VIVISTOP is an invention studio, where children and youth can fulfill their project ideas, build, test and create.

  3. What is VIVITA’s goal?

    VIVITA’s goal is to create a platform, where children can learn through experimenting and be inspired from practitioners of different fields; to inspire in children and youth the entrepreneurial mindset, passion to invent and broader interest toward STEAM-related specialities and 21st century skills.

  4. What can you do in VIVISTOP Telliskivi?

    • VIVISTOP Telliskivi’s main area has 300m2 space to tinker and invent. There are different tools; a stage with a mixer and lights; art section; sewing and crafting section; laser cutter and 3D printing, robotics and drones.
    • VIVISTOP Telliskivi’ woodwork area has: saw bench, bench drill, sanding machine, jigsaw, saws, chisels, knives etc.
    • VIVISTOP Telliskivi robotics area has: VIVIWARE electronics sets, Dash robots, LEGO robots, Quirkbot microchips, mBot robots etc.
    • VIVISTOP Telliskivi kitchen area has: large kitchen island, oven, kitchen-range, different kitchen equipment for cooking and science experiments.
  5. For whom is VIVISTOP meant to?

    VIVISTOP is open for every young enterprising inventor aged 9 to 14 years.

  6. How to become a VIVITA member?

    To become a member first you have to attend an Open Door event with a parent and after that start exploring through specials challenges, with the help from VIVITA team, all the possibilities VIVISTOP Telliskivi has to offer. And by doing those challenges you feel that VIVISTOP is the exact place you want to keep inventing and changing the world a better place, we will sign a contract.

  7. Why become a member?

    As a VIVITA member, the child has an opportunity to participate in different workshops, in free flow activities, get mentorship and support from VIVITA and its community. As a VIVITA member you can also visit VIVISTOPs all over the world!

  8. What’s the difference if I am a member or not?

    There’s a big difference! If you are not a VIVITA member, you cannot participate in all those exciting activities described above.

  9. How much does it cost?

    VIVITA believes that recreational activities should be a right not a privilege. Therefore for children, using VIVITA’s studios and participating in the activities is free of charge.

  10. What does Free Flow mean?

    Free Flow is the time when children in VIVISTOP can work on the projects they wish. During free flow VIVISTOP Telliskivi crew- the designers, engineers, producers, is there to support children with any type of help and guidance they may need.

  11. What happens, when a child cannot attend VIVISTOP for a longer period?

    There is a big chance that the child’s wish to come to VIVISTOP grows bigger and bigger and VIVISTOP Telliskivi crew starts missing the child. Other than that, nothing happens 🙂

  12. Why volunteer at VIVISTOP?

    As a VIVISTOP volunteer you can operate in a studio where inspiration is shared by VIVITAs brilliant inventors. In addition to that you can be part of the international community.

  13. How can parents help?

    One of VIVITA’s goals is to include a wider community to its activities and therefore increase children’s chances to grow into bright world changers. VIVITA members’ parents are always welcome to share their knowledge and skills with VIVITA members. And if at first seems like you do not exactly know how to help out, let us know and we will figure it out together!

  14. How can a company help?

    There are several ways how companies can support VIVITAs activities. VIVITA includes children in real life projects and therefore is more than happy to collaborate with companies who wish to contribute into the development of children. Companies can contribute by sharing the skills and time of their specialists while helping out children with their projects. In addition to that collaborators help to provide VIVISTOP Telliskivi Studio with different tools and materials.