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Who we are

Vivistop Telliskivi

VIVISTOP Telliskivi is located in Telliskivi Creative City, the hippest area and heart of creativity in Tallinn.

VIVISTOP is equipped with different various tools, materials and devices, such as a laser cutter, 3D printer, sewing machines, different electronics equipment, child-friendly programming and prototyping tools and much more.

VIVISTOP Telliskivi collaborates with the local community, involving start-up initiatives, inspiring innovators and professionals of various backgrounds.

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How to become a member

  1. First step – visit our studio and team with your parents.

    You can register for the Open Doors Day event, which you can find on the website or here. VIVITA membership is for children between the ages of 9 and 15. As long as you are turning 9 years old this school year and have passed the 1st grade at school, you are eligible to become a member. Visiting VIVISTOP is free for children; we just presume that the child is motivated to act independently.

  2. Second step – we are waiting for you for your journey to start where you will have a variety of missions to complete.

    We will give you a VIVISTOP Telliskivi discovery map with exciting missions to solve. Once you have completed your journey and you feel that VIVITA is the place where you want to pursue your impossible and potential project ideas and dreams, you are ready to become a member.

  3. Third step – we formalize the membership agreement and select one of the mentors from our team to assist you.

    It would be especially nice if, during the journey, you already have got some ideas what your first project would be like that you would wish to do in our studio. It could be a world-changing idea, any machine you want to build, or some exciting experiment you want to do.

  4. Fourth step – all new members can also attend the VIVITA Design Sprint course.

    During the course, we will introduce you to different creative problem-solving techniques. VIVITA Design Sprint will later help you generate your own project ideas.

  5. In the future – being a member of VIVITA gives you many more exciting opportunities.

    • Create your own projects with VIVISTOP tools and materials
    • Get support and advice from your mentor, who will help your development through an individual approach, and help you reach your dream projects
    • Participate in member-only events (workshops, different ideations)
    • Access to VIVISTOP creativity accelerators worldwide
    • Be among the first ones to get the news about VIVISTOP events and programmes
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    Let’s collaborate

    If you want to support us with equipment or materials, you have an awsome idea you want to carry out together with children in our studio or if you wish to collaborate on any other cool project, contact us!

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    VIVITA engages children in different real-life projects and is very happy to collaborate with companies who wish to contribute in the children’s success. If there is no precise idea we can come up to a solution together.

Our partners

VIVITA future founders are inspired and supported by:


From idea to prototype in 6 weeks

VIVITA Vista accelerator programme for 9-14 year olds to enhance quick prototyping skills and startup mindset

Our team

VIVISTOP Telliskivi’s team consists of professional producers, passionate designers and experienced engineers and technologists.

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    Become a volunteer

    If you too are passionate about our mission and would like to help develop children’s creativity and skills for the 21st century, reach out to us!

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    Our community

    Volunteers community at VIVISTOP Telliskivi is international and diverse. People here have different specialities and various skills. If you are still unsure to join, then take a look at our possibilities.